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First time property rental considerations – rent-safe.ca

Posted by admin on June 20, 2017
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We all have a first time, don’t we? It doesn’t matter what it is, but there is a first time; we nervously move forward a little unsure if what we are doing is right, the way it’s done or if we are even on the right track.

Well, renting your first home or apartment is no different, or perhaps it has been so long since you last rented that you have forgotten the process for applying.

It’s worth understanding that rentals can move very quickly, its not unusual for properties to turn over in a day or two, so be ready to make your decision quickly and be aware of your obligations at your current accommodation – do you need to give 28 days’ notice, or is it only 14 days? Have you actually given notice as yet?

The first thing, and this may seem odd to point out, is to determine the area in where you want to live and view available properties. Numerous people these days, due to potential high demand at opens, will put in applications ahead of viewing the property. Rent-safe.ca allows for pre-viewing of properties and more importantly, it has a feature where you can apply directly to the owner or agent of any property listed on the site.

Some properties can be very popular, so if you are genuinely interested in renting a potential property do not hesitate – rentals can turnover in hours, let alone days.

Things that need to be considered when making an application:

You can always offer less than the advertised price, and you can always offer more; seems odd to offer more? It shouldn’t; if there are half a dozen people at an open house and you want to get a “step up” on any other applicants make sure you let the agent know you can pay more if needed or put a higher price on your application. Another important consideration is the move-in date – if someone puts in an application to move-in straight away, and the property is vacant, and your application states that you don’t want to occupy the property for another 3 or four weeks, then there is a good chance your application will not be accepted ahead of applicants who can move-in sooner. I’m sure you can appreciate the cost of time.

If you are using Rent-safe.ca and have directly submitted an application, wait to hear from the property manager, they should let you know via email what stage of the process the application is at. Some applications will require more information and, if this is the case, you will be notified.

So let’s assume your application is successful; what then? You will be notified by usually via the phone, unless there is some reason the property owner can’t get hold of you. They will follow this up with an email formally offering you the property. This email will give you information on paying the deposit, the security if required, and a time to sign leases and hand over keys.

The next most important step is to now pay the deposit. This is usually the first and last month’s rent. Until the deposit is paid, the property is still “on the market” and any other applications will still be put forth to the landlord.

It’s all that simple! You are now well on your way to starting the search for your new home. It would now be a good idea to download or print off a checklist to assist with your relocation (see our tips section in our blog)

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