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What is Rent-Safe?

lockRent-Safe Incorporated is a trusted, secure online rental application service that provides tenants with an automated, standardized, password protected, rental application profile. This profile can be used to apply directly to our property listings or you can give secured access to any landlord or property management company you choose across Canada.

For property owners and managers, Rent-Safe offers an all in one solution to managing your property listing(s) and online rental applications. We also provide you access to our renters network of pre-qualified, preferred tenants that have expressed interest in the specific type of property you list with Rent-Safe.

Why Use Rent-Safe?

Finding a new place to live can be stressful to say the least. Filling out tons of paperwork for a single rental application, arranging view times, keeping track of who has what sensitive information, obtaining and providing reference, letters of employment and credit scores can be a lot of work, specially if you are applying for numerous apartments and properties. Not to mention the lack of security with your sensitive information floating around with paper based applications.

How many properties do you think you will view and apply for? So what to do with all the paperwork? Forget about it! Use our free standardized online application profile template and get peace of mind knowing you control access to who views your profile and for how long. You can use our service free of charge for applications of any residential rental property in Canada*.

Who & Where do we serve?

Rent-Safe is incorporated across Canada. We serve prospective residential tenants (renters), home owners, income property owners, multi-unit property managers and agents of exclusive and prestigious properties from coast to coast.

*some conditions may apply