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Features for Property Owners/Managers

• List your property on Rent-Safe and automate your online residential application process
• Create your own property listing and residential application template
• Our renters network will allow tenants to apply to multi vacant units in your building
• Upload video and pictures to show features and highlights of your property.

Advantages for Property Owners/Managers

• Allows prospective tenants and members of the Renters Network to apply directly to your property profile
• Use our standardized template and set your filters for any information you really want or need to evaluate
• Retain tenant prospects by notifying them of other or additional properties you own that they qualify for
• Gives prospective tenants an accurate preview of the properties they may be potentially interested in

Benefits for Property Owners/Managers

• Saves you time by viewing online applications vs. your old paper based applications
• Rent-Safe keeps track of your applications and notifies you when new applications are received
• Allows owners/managers to more effectively fill vacancies with pre-approved tenant prospects
• Cuts down on mismanaged expectations and encourages scheduled viewing for interested prospects

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$34.95 plus tax

· List one property for one month
· Ideal for Home/Cottage owners

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$149.95 plus tax

· List up to five units for one month
· Ideal for Leasing and Real Estate Agents

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$275.95 plus tax

· List five to 10 units for one month
· Ideal for Property Managers

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$595.95 plus tax

· List up to twenty units for one month
· Ideal for property managers of multi-unit properties

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· More than twenty units?
· Inquire within: Call 647 770 9439 for free quote!